Double the BRB for friend invitation rewards with no limits!

You have a red bag 币圈小学生 发了一个红包

Invite friends to mine together with doublethe BRB and no limits! What are you waiting for?

How do you get rich without double therewards?


Promotion period: November 5, 2018 –November 11, 2018 24:00 (UTC+8 AWST)

Promotion Rules:

1. Friends should be invited betweenOctober 24, 2018 and November 11, 2018. Invited friends need to mine for BRBbetween November 5 and 11, 2018 in order for the invitee to receive rewards:

Level Time Active Active Invited Users Invited Users’ BRB Production BRB Reward (percentage of invited users’ BRB production)
1 1 week as unit 1 >0 200%(100 max)
2 1 week as unit 5 >50 210%(420 max)
3 1 week as unit 10 >200 220%(1100 max)
4 1 week as unit 30 >500 230%(no max)

2. The invitation bonus includes theautomatic 20% reward which can be checked in your personal account. Theremainder of the rewards will be sent at a later date.

3. Invited users can receive 10% of miningrewards.

4. Rewards are calculated every 7 days andwill be sent out 3 working days after the end of the promotion. Invited userswill only receive the highest level of reward they reach.


Additional Bonuses:

Add our WeChat account: xl971053720, tosign up for the latest promotions and receive a personal invitation banner andadditional bonuses for mining (10% - 20%)!

1. Registered BunnyPub users can receive 10%extra rewards;

2. BunnyPub content creatros can receive20% extra rewards.


Come make big bucks together~

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Good News😘


Good news, and i got idea.

Thank you


thank you for share the information. success to all


Thanks foor  good news


up up up...good info

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