What is BRB? What is CARROT?

You have a red bag 币圈小学生 发了一个红包

BRB is the token used for BitRabbit Exchange and Bunny Pub.It is the reward points system based On blockchain.

The total circulation is about 2 billion. We divide into different segment , of 20 percent for early investor, 30 percent for Team and the rest for others.

During the initial time, we would liketo use parts of BRB for marketing and cryptocurrency exchange.

How Do you Earn BRB? We suggested that you could post your articles, communicate With different author and compliment as well. For example, we hold the first cryptocurrency influential competition Which bring more benefits for authors.

In the future, we suppose to make the eaqul valueforBRB between exchange and forum. Surely the capital value would influenced by commission, ad fees and circulation fees as well.

Furthermore, CARROR would Be used as the token for exchange and forum Which could be used in kinds of promotions.(Lottary, log-in receive CARROT and other competitions)

About BitRabbit

BitRabbit, one of the largest australian exchange, established by genius technician.We provide lots of product lines.You will find BAI and other financial deviratives .We believe we would provide excellent service for you.

The Team include Alibaba Ants Financial Talents, Internet Enterprise GM and Lot experts.


1) Exchange

Invest stock and derivative throughcryptocurrencncy.We provide newly news and marketing Analysis and price valuedecision servise.

2) BAI is the product useful for long terminvestor and seeking low risks.

3) BunnyPub, one of the community based On blockchain; you can pay here by your BitRabbit wallet through kinds of cryptocurrency.

Since established On Feb we have more than ten thousands user and authors.There are lots of blockchain company being our member include VNX basechain bee dapp moses and So on.In addition lots of Weibo kol being our authors(Dr Blockchain, Comrade Wang and so on) to bring more circulation.

For more news please click here

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Nice post

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Hello , nice to meet u

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